The Filling Station
Located in the picturesque Historic Fairhaven district of Bellingham, Washington, The Filling Station is the neighborhood burger joint that serves up the areas best burgers, frappes, craft cocktails, fried stuff, big salads and amazing Southern fried chicken burgers. This is all set in a lively and eclectic fun environment filled with mobile and gas station memorabilia from ages past.

Starts With Great Buns from Avenue Bread

Filling Station's parent company is Avenue Bread right here in Bellingham. High-quality Avenue buns surrounding our high-quality beef, grilled or Southern-fried chicken breasts, Coho salmon fillets, and black bean quinoa patties deliver some amazing burgers.


Every Tuesday The Filling Station donates a percentage of its proceeds to
a local school, non-profit or charity.

Here are some of the recipients:
Happy Valley Elementary
Blue Skies for Children
Womencare Shelter
Lowell Elementary
Junior Achievment