Economy Cocktails

Simpler drinks

Pink Cadillac

Ginger vodka, fresh lemon ‘n lime juice and beet infusion

The Hybrid

Gin, lemon juice, creme de menthe and Honeymoon Dry Cider

The Jalopy

Resposado Tequilla with a ginger/lemongrass infusion, citrus soda and lime juice

Cock n' Mule

Our Moscow Mule with ginger infused vodka, Cock n’ Bull ginger beer and fresh lime juice

Luxury Cocktails

More Ingredients

Driving Daisy

Jalapeño-infused gin, muddled cucumber, soda water & fresh lime juice

Seattle Slew

Bourbon, mint, Aperol, lemon juice and Herbsaint anise spritz

Krakatoa Punch

Krakatoa Punch

Trader Vic’s White Rum &Spiced, orange & pineapple juices, a float of
& a float of grenadine

French 76

Gin with rosemary infusion, lemon juice and Honeymoon Dry Cider

The Cadillac

Our house Margarita with Reposado tequilla and a float of Gran Citron



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